Basically seTUBE is a cylindric shaped device, in which surfaces in rooms are disinfected with light. The size of the cylindric as well as the light intensity and duration are geared to each particular application area.

seTUBE is ideal for disinfecting air and surfaces in rooms in the areas of public facilities, culture, gastronomy, tourism or similar.
Application examples: conference rooms, offices, classromms, dining rooms, alpine cottages, distribution stations, ski rentals, gondolas, passenger areas in airplains, busses and trains, hotel rooms, private rooms,…


seTUBE solely uses UV-C light for neutralisation of viruses, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. So all germs are killed. No additional detergents or liquids are needed and after finishing the disinfection process all surfaces are clean and dry.

  • seTUBE uses the disinfecting effect of UV-C light.
  • UV-C light is a short-waved light, invisible to the human eye, wave lengths between 100 and 280 nm.
  • In nature UV-C light does not reach the earth’s surface, because it is absorbed in the atmosphere.
  • At wave lengths between 200 and 280 nm UV-C light has a very strong germicidal effect.
  • UV-C light has and is being used in areas of high hygiene requirements to disinfect air, water and surfaces. Modern LED technology did not find its way into this by now.
  • No formation of resistance by microorganisms possible.

seTUBE uses modern UV-C LED technology which offers in comparison to conventional discharge lamps – several advantages from costs to life time to environmental sustainability and variability.

  • Narrow spectral distribution (and thereby no ozone creation)
  • 100% output directly after switching on
  • Long lifetime, high number of switch cycles
  • Mercury-free
  • Consistant effect during the operating life by CLO function (Constant Light Output)
  • Affordable in operation (ca. 580 W connected load)
  • UV intensity and time of disinfection can be set application-oriented

Disinfection process seTUBE in detail:

  1. Roll the seTUBE into the room to be disinfected and connect it to the power supply or, in the case of the battery version, set the seTUBE to standby mode.
  2. Close any existing windows.
  3. Make sure that no other people or animals are in the room and leave the room. Close the door.
  4. Start the disinfection process via app control.
  5. Activate the device for the duration of the application (see operating instructions), after the disinfection process the blue safety LEDs go out – the disinfected room can be re-entered. 

seTUBE products


mobile UV-C LED disinfection device 
size M

for disinfecting surfaces in medium-sized rooms in the areas of public transport, culture, gastronomy and tourism, or similar. 

Application examples:
ski gondolas, passenger areas in airplanes, trains and buses, hotel rooms, private rooms, … 


mobile UV-C LED disinfection device 
size S 

for disinfecting surfaces in rooms with restricted access or small rooms 

Application examples:
taxis, temporary living containers, meeting booths, storage spaces, … 


Powered via cable wire or wireless with battery 

Controlled via mobile app 

Width: 500 mm
Depth: 600 mm
Height: 1665 mm
Weight: 40 kg

Disinfection process at 700 W

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